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Benefits of Using Scrap Metal Shredder Machine

Metal Shredder Machine

A shredding machine which is a heavy metal shredder is a machine that is used for the purpose of tearing large portions of metal scrap into smaller parts that have a high density. Such smaller portions must be clear of dust, rust and color contents. The scrap is turned into small pieces by specially fabricated machines known as Hammers that have a very high torque which helps to strike the scrap metal and aid shredding. Right from beating to shredding these specially designed Hammers made from alloy steel convert the scrap metal into sheave sized recycled products.

Watch the Video How Loose Light Metal Shredding System works :

The need for recycling waste products provided by the shredding machines has become a necessary process especially since it provides a means of sustainably reducing overhead costs of raw materials. It offers economic solutions for treating scrap waste to reduce the environmental impact it might have on ground water, soil and scenery. Depending upon the intensity of the recycling process, you can purchase ideal metal shredding machines that can be fed with appropriate loads of scrap metal waste.

Watch the Video How Rotary Shear is shear/tear large volume of waste metal scraps :

A typical metal shredding machine essentially consists of a conveyer belt that segregates the ferrous and non-ferrous materials due to its magnetic properties. This segregation simplifies the shredding procedure and transforms scrap waste into economically useful fragments that can be re-used as secondary raw materials.

Benefits of Metal Shredding Machinery :

  •     During metal shredding, the yield of hot metal is very high compared to the amount that is fed inside.
  •     The chemistry of the obtained hot metal is concise, precise and consistent.
  •     The electrode breakage is minimized alongside lesser sulfur content.
  •     The capacity or durability of the hot metal is increased.
  •     Electrical consumption of the hot metal is lesser per ton.
  •     The benefit of recycling reduces air pollution and environmental hazards.
  •     Shredded scrap is easier to manage and provides a dense mix when blended with other stock.
  •     The shredded scrap is automatically segregated into ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  •     The control systems of the shredding machine is automated or handled manually by the workers in charge.
  •     You can control or monitor the functions of the shredding machines accordingly to the quantity of scrap metal present.
  •     Shredding machines don’t require intensive care and need; therefore easy maintenance can be expected.
  •     The design of the shredding machine is flame proof therefore can sustain enough mechanical damage.
  •     The time efficiency of the shredding machine is precise and offers the shredded raw materials in the fasted period.
  •     You can control the amount of torque used in order to process light weight scrap and bulky scrap.
  •     The quantity of scrap processed can be recorded by the shredding machine as per the date, time and month precisely. This data is calculated by the machine itself.
  •     There is also provision of a dust collector in the shredding machine that facilitates multi-functional mode.
  •     Presence of a cooling and filtering system is attached within the shredding machines to obtain clean, pure and processed raw materials.

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Concepts and Types of Scrap Baling Press Machine

With the increasing trend of the scrap generation procedure, it has become a necessity to implement a refined technology to perform the entire method efficiently. Understanding the utility of the scrap manufactures that affords a huge volume of resources to the industry. Understanding the fact, it design the amazing Scrap Baler machine that enables the industries to obtain the scrap resources. All sorts of junk, be it plastic, metal, paper etc can be suitable performed with the machine gaining an output of minimum sized bundles.

Advance Hydrautech


In addition, there turns out also a reduction in transportation cost that forms another vital favorable aspect of the scrap balers. It occupies minimum space in the factory that enables the industries to maintain the system without any operational difficulty.  The heavy-duty machines even accompany a high durability providing a long-term service. Such outstanding Balers allow utilization of the furnace area reduces losses and prevents fire hazards.



1.       Single Action Baler

Advance Hydrautech

Itdesigns the amazing Single Action Baler that accompanies a refined technology with a suitable packed together opportunity. It emerges as one of the vital benefits of the system due to which it occupies an admirable outlook in the industries worldwide.


Significant Features

  • It involves an easy operating system with a single manually operated direction valve.
  • Two safety valves, the limit valve and the check valve play a vital role protecting the system from any accidental circumstances.
  • It achieves a single compressed entity that is fastened over the strait.
  • Ensures a tremendous functionality after the machine is established in the industrial unit.

      Outfitted Features

  • We input a beneficial feature that allows the operator to maintain the performance according to the particular requirement.
  • It offers a long-term highly efficiency with the plates that are highly resistant to certain unruly bustles.


2.      Double Action Baler

Advance Hydrautech

A Double action baler integrates a dual functionality one is operating top wise and the other lengthwise. It incorporates a small compact look that is compatible for the small-scale industries accommodating a weight of 5-8tons. Hence, a suitable amount of scrap processing comes out at each shift that provides ample inventories for the industries using the above-mentioned machine. Furthermore, it follows a refined design consisting of two cylinders, the lid cylinder and the rear-pressing cylinder. The Direction control valve operates the two cylinders that again involve a manual intervention.


Significant Features

  • The two direction valves enable an easy operational procedure with suitable manual control.
  • It integrates the necessary features that are the limit valve and check valve to prevent any accidental situation.
  • Various Ferrous and non-ferrous pieces and other materials attain an easy scrap bailing procedure with the double action baler.
  • It attains a single compressed entity that is affixed over the strait.
  • The plates that the system integrates accompany a robust feature that is strongly resistance to adverse conditions. Even it is easily expendable thus affording a stringent durability with tremendous functionality.
  • Double action Baler certifies a flawless after sale performance without any negative issues.

Outfitted Features

  • The peripheries of the chambers possess the blades that help with an accurate shearing process. A top lid is present in order to shear the material that attains an imperfect size.
  • An efficient heat control system is established that keeps the oil with a cooling temperature.
  • In addition, the entire machine can be equipped with an automated system with a fully a PLC power approach.
  • It customize the efficiency of the machine that is controlled according to the particular requirement.


3.      Triple Action Baler

Advance Hydrautech

Understanding the specific requirement for the large-scale industries that require a high volume of production with greater efficiency. A triple action baler can be one of the most suitable options for them that enable a functionality that allows operating from three sides. Hence, the scrap machine can undergo a press either from the top, or lengthwise and finally from the side. It is equipped with an outstanding EAF feature ensuring high consumption of the scrap.

Triple action balers consist of diverse figure and dimensions that we implement with an intention to serve the entire industrial needs. A weight of 25 tons is lodged per hour thus capable to carry out a huge industrial labor efficiently without any operational trouble.

Khaidem Rajit  is a social media analyst and writes a content for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here



Scrap Baler Concept for managing waste materials

Baling equipment is usually used for compaction. These machines reduce large amounts of solid waste to smaller, more manageable units using powered rams. In general, compactors compress refuse/trash into containers for transport. Baling machine is designed to compress material (e.g., cardboard boxes) and produce a bale that is handled as a unit. The basic information that needs to be considered for installing balers includes space availability and in depth knowledge that is associated with the process of baling. Along with the type and size of the baler, the bale sizes and the bale weights are considered for defining the way compaction is applied to the waste materials Bale size is another case to be considered for the purpose of determining the dimension of the bale size. When the recycling objectives and program become more serious, detailed evaluation associated with weights and bale sizes is required so that they can be transported for maximizing the payloads. The maximization of payloads involves the determination of best way for the maximization of bale tonnage as per each load and it depends on the kind of transportation.

Scrap Baler

Balers are referred to by many types and styles namely high production balers, low profile balers, extra density balers, plastic balers, cardboard balers, balers with conveyors and hoppers, metal balers and many others. The compaction ability might vary, depending on the various factors including configuration of motor size, pump size, cylinder size and so on, which varies with each model. But usually, higher the force, bale density and bale weight, higher the cost of the baler. Metal scrap baler is an effective machine that is available for the purpose of the compaction of the waste materials.

Purpose of the recycling program and level of requirement can be helpful in deciding on the kind of baler used.  Also, it is important to decide on the baler size and type. Automatic compacting receptacle is a kind of compactor that is used in public areas that can be either outdoors or indoors and this can be used in areas where the people deposit their trash. The ACRS compacts depending on the deposited waste. There are other features that are available in the automated compactor that can be made used as the main concept, thereby totally automating the process.

Regular – indoor trash compactors can be made used for compaction in indoor areas rather than public areas. This is a kind of scrap baling press that is made out of stainless steel. The compaction that is associated with this machine starts with the manual pushing of the button. These kinds of compactors are usually placed in the utility rooms inside hospitals and other medical facilities. They are also made used in cafeteria and family restaurants and other private areas.

Therefore baler machine that are purchased with a specific purpose and use are utilized well and almost yield great paybacks. Wastes from commercial establishments are usually a highly neglected area and therefore there are tremendous efficiency benefits derived from baling and compaction of waste.

About the Author :

Khaidem Rajit  is a social media analyst and writes a content for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here

8 Most Important Facts About Using Scrap Balers In The Recycling Process

In the recent years, the growing threats to environment as well as the fast depleting natural resources have led to a surge in the recycling of various products. These primarily include products derived from nature including metals such as aluminum and iron and other natural things such as paper. The recycling of most materials requires the use of special machines called balers. A lot of information is available about the importance of recycling and using the balers in the right manner. Still, people tend to feel a bit confused, about the technical and other formalities required for owning a baler as well as the do’s and don’ts of operating these machines.

Advance Hydrautech

Listed below are the 8 most important things that people ought to know before buying a baler.

1. The most important aspect of owning a scrap baler is to have an in-depth understanding of its working mechanism and its various functionalities and features.
2. It is important to decide about the usage of the baler, based on the following aspects.

i) The size and dimensions of the material to be recycled, so as choose a baler with a wide enough opening for accommodating the material without it being tight fit.
ii) The amount of material to be recycled during each cycle of the baler. In addition, it is also important to have an estimate about the frequency of use of the baler for maximum output.
iii)Issues such as budget, space for keeping the baler, free space available for the storage of not only the raw materials but also the recycled material.

3. It is also important to verify the minimum electricity that would be consumed by the baler as well as the phase requirement (single phase or 3-phase) for the same.

4. The type of material to be processed plays a significant role in deciding the type of baler to be purchased. This is because not all balers can recycle every material properly and hence the wrong choice of the machine can lead to losses.

5. It is also important to check the various features of the selected baler including its accessibility, door movements, availability of sufficient space for removing recycled material, and even the baler dimensions. It is also advisable to confirm whether or not these features can be customized according to specific needs.

6. In order to end up buying the right balers, people need to provide accurate details and specifications to the machine supplies, so that they can make the necessary changes accordingly.

7. It is vital to ensure that the baler machine is delivered to its final destination, without any damage to its essential parts. For this, arranging proper transportation for delivery and checking the delivery route for any major obstacles is extremely important.

8. To ensure the durability of scrap balers it is advisable to keep them in a covered area. In case that is not possible then buying a weatherproof baler is the best solution.

The above guidelines can help prospective buyers to choose the best scrap balers for waste recycling various materials.

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10 Basic Things that you should know about scrap Balers and Recycling Process

Scrap Processing Machines

Balers  are the machines that help you recycle a lot of recyclable materials like aluminium, iron, plastic, fiber and cotton goods, etc. There are many reference guides for the right use of balers. There are many conversations implying the importance of recycling and the use of balers. However one gets stuck up on how to actually start the use of one such baler. What are the Dos and Don’ts for a baler and basically what are the requirements and necessities of acquiring and owing a baler. Here is a quick guide to balers and the ten things that you should know about scrap balers and recycling process.

  • First and most important of all is get to know the basics and mechanisms of a baler. See how to operate one its functions and features and its requirements.
  • Decide the baler of your requirements keeping in mind the following topics
  1. The material you want to recycle, its size and dimensions. It is of key importance that the material you want to recycle fits into the opening of the baler comfortably and a little bit of space still remains.
  2. Quantity per cycle. Determine how often you will run the baler and what quantity will be used each cycle. It is of no use if you can run the baler for a limited time and have vast quantities or if you run it frequently on very low quantities.
  3. And other smaller issues such as budget, space, free space for moving the bales after recycling, storage space, and availability of raw materials.
  • Check out the baler options for electricity consumption and requirements for the phase (3-phase or single phase).
  • The kind of baler goes with the materials to be recycled, for example, plastics have memory and the balers with short strings cannot remove this memory. Thus the recycled plastic looks opaque and is usually less durable.
  • The basic operating features of the baler like accessibility, movement of the door, space to remove bales, dimensions of the baler all these things can be customized according to your needs.
  • Make sure you give the specification right to the person giving you the baler.
  • Make sure it fits into every doorway to its destination
  • Make sure that if it is an outdoor baler you get weatherproof baler.

All these things should be kept in mind when you opt for baler recycling process.

About The Author : Khaidem Rajit –  social media analyst and content writer  for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here

Introduced Continuous Baler For Baling High Capacity Bales

We are glad to inform you that ADVANCE HYDRAU-TECH PVT. LTD. has launched new Fully PLC Controlled Continuous Scrap Baler worldwide.

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Last month Advance Hydrau-Tech takes participate in IETF 2013 – International Engineering and Technology Fair which is held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. The main focus of  the exhibition is to make the leading experts related to metal and metallurgy industry aware of the latest and advanced techniques which are required for making this industry more advanced.

Continuous Scrap Baler is one of the limelight of the exhibition for its specific design application with high rated performance. It is one of the latest scrap processing machines which allows multi-shift operation and capable of handling continuous feeding of scrap as a result eliminates the manual feeding.

Fully touch screen operation machine and cycle time of the machine is 45 sec. which produce upto 70/80 bales/hr.

Here is the some glimpse of the event at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

DSC_0591DSC_0072 DSC_0027 DSC_0085DSC_0073DSC_0116

Advance Hydrau-Tech is the first Indian Company who manufacturing scrap processing machines and exports worldwide since 1978. The main motive of the Company is to turned waste into resources and it is the only reason that Company has expertised in three different entities : i) Scrap Processing Machines, ii) Agro Waste Machines & iii) Re-Refining of Used Lubricating Oil/Waste Oil.

Advance Hydrau-Tech is going to participate in Waste Management and Recycling India which will be held from 8-10 April 2013 at India Expo Centre and Mart, Greater Noida Expressway, Delhi.

The New Revolution in Scrap Processing Machines.

Advance Hydrau-Tech is the first India based company manufacturing all types of scrap processing machines since 1978  is now collaborates with Italian based Company “Taurus” Europe’s No.1 Company and is best known for manufacturing shear baler, box shear, compact baler and car baler.


Right to Left : GB Ratti – CeG , Sudhir Gupta & Bharat Sharma – Director of Advance Hydrau-Tech.

The agreement between the two companies is that Advance Hydrau-Tech now take the responsibility of erection, commissioning, installation and after-sales servicing all the heavy metal shear baler in Asian continent and Taurus will take the same responsibility in terms of Advance Hydrau-Tech’s scrap processing machines in Europe continent.


As far the collaboration between the two companies, there is no doubt that both the companies will bring new revolution in waste processing machines. Moreover, AHTPL(Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. LTd.) has rich experience more than 32 years in the same field of manufacturing all types of scrap processing machines across the globe so it will be more easier to render valuable after sales service to all end-users in the Asian sub continent related to all highly-sophisticated heavy metal shear  balers.

Thus , both the companies helping the world in turning waste into resources by manufacturing  equipment for the Waste, Scrap and Recycling Industries.

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