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Horizontal Balers or Vertical Balers : Customization Design to Fit All Baling Needs


If you are planning to get into the recycling business to handle all the paper waste, then an autonomous horizontal baler from Advance Hydrautech will be appropriate to handle just any shredded paper, cardboard paper for the long run. For the trimmed size paper, the horizontal baler with air cyclone has inbuilt sensors that initiate the pressing process. Each and every baler comes with a unique auto-tie system, where by if any specific material is needed to tie up the packaged article, a specific wrapper is customized to get the job done. Additionally, Advance Hydrautech balers are engineered for a wide variety of bale ejection and tying requirements. Also they customize the hoppers for different types of recycled paper such as shovel, air cyclone, conveyor and tipper. Baling presses from Advance Hydrautech have commendable reputation not only in India but also in the international markets. Procurement is done across the globe by recycling factories, baler resellers, carton box makers as well as entrepreneurs.

Advance Hydrautech

The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal industrial baler machine carries out the baling process firmly to meet all kinds of demands.Advance Hydrautech Pvt. Ltd. produces one of the best scrap baling press machines available, the Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler. For low capacity and small scale users, the Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler is ideal as it will also come in hardy for paper manufacturers, printers as well as recycling collectors. This particular series of auto-tie horizontal baler is usually appropriate for compressing small cardboards, plastic film and shredded paper. Horizontal balers come can be operated automatically and transform them to different industrial balers such as a Cardboard baler, Paper baler (corrugated and trimmed), Carton Box baler among others. The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler is able to press up to 50 tons at a rate of 2.5 to 4.5 tons an hour. A special designed model is also available that cam shred, wash, dewater, and tie plastic films for the pet bottle baler to bale. The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler from Advance can have 4 to 6 strokes depending on your needs having an idle cyclic time of 130 seconds per stroke. The Semi Auto is able is to take in about 600kg to 750 kg of bale.


The scrap bundle Machine baling press comes with air cyclone system at the feeding point which is then retrofitted inside the already present scrap management system. Double sensors are fitted on the baler to initiate the pressing stroke, while the other will set off an alarm in case of paper overload. If it happens that the press chamber is unable to completely feed the press chamber with paper within the time limit, the machine’s motor shuts down automatically. The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler is fully automatic PLC system with manual ties. However, at extra cost a variant with automatic ties is available. Every stage of the operation is monitored via touch screens, giving users an easy way to troubleshoot the guidance system and sort issues in a quick manner. Additionally any issues arising on the system are recorded to be reference point in future if the same problem reoccurs.


The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler machines from Advance are well known for durability as well as exceptional customization capabilities. These balers are adjustable to fit the plant size, amount to be recycled, hopper shape, conveyor, feeder type and the wrapping material being used.

Watch the Video of  Horizontal Baler for Paper, Plastic, Corrugated Box & Fabric :


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