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Why Pet bottle baling machines are essential for recycling the waste pet bottles


PET bottles are commonly used in day to day life. Most of us discard the bottles after use. These bottles pile up and cause water pollution by flooding river beds, canals and seas. PET bottles takes thousands of years to decompose hence discarded bottles occupy precious land and keep piling the garbage dumps. It is therefore important to recycle them.

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The pet bottle balers are helpful in recycling of cans and bottles with ease. These balers are capable of handling liquids that may come out when the bottles are crushed. There is a container that captures the liquids and drains them out while the crushed bottles can be recycled. These balers can be horizontal or vertical.

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The pet bottle baling machines are necessary for recycling the waste pet bottles. There is a unique coding system that is used for recycling the plastics. The plastics are numbered from 1 to 7, within a triangle which depicts the recycling system to be used. These PET bottles are very useful after recycling, as these can further be moulded to manufacture fillings for sleeping bags, winter coats, life jackets, car bumpers, combs and furniture fittings etc. The plastic can be recycled and fed back into the production system. The PET bottles baling machine helps in reducing the waste disposal cost, and generate revenue from the sale of recycled PET. There is reduction in the labour cost which might be very high if the PET had to be produced from the scratch. Recycling PET bottles reduces waste and helps to clear the storage space. It also reduces environmental impact caused by these bottles.

There are various balers that are used for PET recycling. These balers vary in size and style. Some of the commonly used balers are hydraulic baler and Paper baler.  The paper balers help in recycling the office paper, and specially the PET bottles. These balers are made up of steel and are equipped with a hydraulic ram. This ram is used for compressing the material.  Balers that are used for processing small volume of material are usually simple and they need manual intervention. Large balers are complex and automated.  Different types of balers are available in the market. Some of the most commonly used balers are with high production balers, low profile baler, high density baler, paper baler, cardboard balers, plastic balers etc. The specialty balers are little expensive than the normal balers.  You can determine the compacting ratio by determining weight of one cubic yard of loose materials to be recycled against the baled weight of same material in cubic yard.  It is crucial to recycle PET bottles to reduce environmental impact. Plastic is not bio-degradable and hence it keeps on accumulating over years. Burning plastic to eliminate waste is not an option as it emits toxic gases and increases air pollution. It is important to find an alternative option that can curb the ever-increasing PET bottles waste. Baling and recycling comes across as the most feasible solution to curb waste of PET bottles.

Khaidem Rajit  is a social media analyst and writes a content for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here


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  1. avelina ong galang says:

    hi is this machine for municipal used? if it is put that manchine free then if i suggest to put here in our country philippines that sheerded machine can you put here and then in return we will export there at your country all our invironmental industrial waste suggest to export with you all our plastic industrial scrap after we work here all invironmental waste .>

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