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10 Basic Things that you should know about scrap Balers and Recycling Process


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Balers  are the machines that help you recycle a lot of recyclable materials like aluminium, iron, plastic, fiber and cotton goods, etc. There are many reference guides for the right use of balers. There are many conversations implying the importance of recycling and the use of balers. However one gets stuck up on how to actually start the use of one such baler. What are the Dos and Don’ts for a baler and basically what are the requirements and necessities of acquiring and owing a baler. Here is a quick guide to balers and the ten things that you should know about scrap balers and recycling process.

  • First and most important of all is get to know the basics and mechanisms of a baler. See how to operate one its functions and features and its requirements.
  • Decide the baler of your requirements keeping in mind the following topics
  1. The material you want to recycle, its size and dimensions. It is of key importance that the material you want to recycle fits into the opening of the baler comfortably and a little bit of space still remains.
  2. Quantity per cycle. Determine how often you will run the baler and what quantity will be used each cycle. It is of no use if you can run the baler for a limited time and have vast quantities or if you run it frequently on very low quantities.
  3. And other smaller issues such as budget, space, free space for moving the bales after recycling, storage space, and availability of raw materials.
  • Check out the baler options for electricity consumption and requirements for the phase (3-phase or single phase).
  • The kind of baler goes with the materials to be recycled, for example, plastics have memory and the balers with short strings cannot remove this memory. Thus the recycled plastic looks opaque and is usually less durable.
  • The basic operating features of the baler like accessibility, movement of the door, space to remove bales, dimensions of the baler all these things can be customized according to your needs.
  • Make sure you give the specification right to the person giving you the baler.
  • Make sure it fits into every doorway to its destination
  • Make sure that if it is an outdoor baler you get weatherproof baler.

All these things should be kept in mind when you opt for baler recycling process.

About The Author : Khaidem Rajit –  social media analyst and content writer  for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here


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