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Briquetting Machine-A Solution to the Industial Waste


We provide a comprehensive range of Briquetting Machine which typically come in several sizes, corresponding to the different diameters and different output by weight as per the specifications provided by our clients. They are designed to significantly reduce the volume of waste materials including wood, paper, metals, and more.

Need: Metal briquetting presses are specifically designed for contracting and making maximum use of metal waste including aluminum, cast iron, copper, bronze, steel, brass, zinc, titanium, as well as other types of machining scraps.

How it Works: These machines work using a very high pressure to reduce the volume of waste ground materials into a solid briquette. The high pressure reached in the compression chamber makes the density of the resulting briquette close to the density of the original metal itself – in many instances higher than the density of the metal in bulk which makes the size much smaller than original one.

Other Uses: Other than reducing volume of scrap these solid briquette can be placed directly in smelting furnaces. The final product is a perfectly round cylinder that can be stored or transported easily and at a highly reduced cost. This results in great economic benefits for companies that sell metal waste, for smelters that recycle metal scraps, and for foundries that re-process the scraps internally.

General Technical Specifications provided by us:

For C.I. & M.S. Chips & Powder
Briquette size 3″ Dia 4″ Dia
Lenght of the briquette 1.5″ – 2.5″ Variable 2″ – 3″ Variable
Production of briquettes 200 – 240 PCS / Hour 200 – 240 PCS / hour
Weight of the briquette 1 – 1.5 Kgs Approx 1.5 – 2.5 kgs approx
Force on the briquette 75 Tons 130 Tons
Motor 25 HP – 3 Phase – 1440 RPM 50 HP – 3 Phase – 1440 RPM
Oil drive Plunger / Vane Vane
Working liquid Hydro/Enclo-68 Hydro/Enclo-68
Working pressure 2800 PSI 2800 PSI
Stroke of main rod 14″ 20″
Operation Auto Cycle Auto Cycle
Oil tank capacity 600 Ltrs 2000 Ltrs
Floor area 4′ x 8′ 4′ x 15′
Oil chiller 2 Ton Oil Chiller To keep the oil cool

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  1. Sachin Takalkart says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am impressed of the briquetting machine details.
    Iam in the field of trading automation sensors in marathwada region (Make: BANNER)
    Please let me know the prices of both briquetting machine types so as to sell your product in this region to stwo of my friend and might be required by other companies.
    Thanks Regards
    Sachin Takalkar

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