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Free Eye check up camp conducted for the Advance Hydrau-Tech Team on 23rd – 24th March, 2015


Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

The employees of Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt Ltd, Delhi, received free eye check up on 23-24 March, 2015. The camp was organized in the fond memory of Late Smt. Gyarsi Bai and Late Shri Lala Shyam Lal Gupta, grandparents of Mr. Sudhir Gupta, Director of Advance Hydrau-Tech. The first day was completed with a total of 70 eye checkups and 140 eye checkups on the next day. A total of 133 spectacles were distributed free of cost to the employees. A routine check up for diabetes and blood pressure was also done.

Advance Hydrautech

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Hyrautech

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Hydrautech

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Hydrautech

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

The camp took place under the able guidance of Shri Mahavir Gupta who well coordinated the working of the camp for 2 days. The success of the eye check up camp can be attributed to the able team of doctors lead by Dr. Sarvesh Kumar of the Sonac Sight care. The team of doctors also explained some precautionary measures that should be followed inside the factory premise.

Advance Hydrautech

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Hydrautech

Right : Mr. Sudhir Gupta
Director of Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sudhir Gupta, Director, strongly believes in giving back to the society and doing his bit for the betterment of others. And for an organization, it starts from its employees. The company strives to give an open and comfortable environment which encourages employees to become personally engaged and have a say in how the corporate social responsibility program operates. The employees have also responded to these plans and activities with enthusiasm and shown their interest in making a difference at work. The company plans to follow a strong and well planned CSR program in the coming years.

Advance Hydrautech

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Hydrautech

Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.


Horizontal Balers or Vertical Balers : Customization Design to Fit All Baling Needs

If you are planning to get into the recycling business to handle all the paper waste, then an autonomous horizontal baler from Advance Hydrautech will be appropriate to handle just any shredded paper, cardboard paper for the long run. For the trimmed size paper, the horizontal baler with air cyclone has inbuilt sensors that initiate the pressing process. Each and every baler comes with a unique auto-tie system, where by if any specific material is needed to tie up the packaged article, a specific wrapper is customized to get the job done. Additionally, Advance Hydrautech balers are engineered for a wide variety of bale ejection and tying requirements. Also they customize the hoppers for different types of recycled paper such as shovel, air cyclone, conveyor and tipper. Baling presses from Advance Hydrautech have commendable reputation not only in India but also in the international markets. Procurement is done across the globe by recycling factories, baler resellers, carton box makers as well as entrepreneurs.

Advance Hydrautech

The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal industrial baler machine carries out the baling process firmly to meet all kinds of demands.Advance Hydrautech Pvt. Ltd. produces one of the best scrap baling press machines available, the Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler. For low capacity and small scale users, the Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler is ideal as it will also come in hardy for paper manufacturers, printers as well as recycling collectors. This particular series of auto-tie horizontal baler is usually appropriate for compressing small cardboards, plastic film and shredded paper. Horizontal balers come can be operated automatically and transform them to different industrial balers such as a Cardboard baler, Paper baler (corrugated and trimmed), Carton Box baler among others. The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler is able to press up to 50 tons at a rate of 2.5 to 4.5 tons an hour. A special designed model is also available that cam shred, wash, dewater, and tie plastic films for the pet bottle baler to bale. The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler from Advance can have 4 to 6 strokes depending on your needs having an idle cyclic time of 130 seconds per stroke. The Semi Auto is able is to take in about 600kg to 750 kg of bale.


The scrap bundle Machine baling press comes with air cyclone system at the feeding point which is then retrofitted inside the already present scrap management system. Double sensors are fitted on the baler to initiate the pressing stroke, while the other will set off an alarm in case of paper overload. If it happens that the press chamber is unable to completely feed the press chamber with paper within the time limit, the machine’s motor shuts down automatically. The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler is fully automatic PLC system with manual ties. However, at extra cost a variant with automatic ties is available. Every stage of the operation is monitored via touch screens, giving users an easy way to troubleshoot the guidance system and sort issues in a quick manner. Additionally any issues arising on the system are recorded to be reference point in future if the same problem reoccurs.


The Semi Auto Tie Horizontal Baler machines from Advance are well known for durability as well as exceptional customization capabilities. These balers are adjustable to fit the plant size, amount to be recycled, hopper shape, conveyor, feeder type and the wrapping material being used.

Watch the Video of  Horizontal Baler for Paper, Plastic, Corrugated Box & Fabric :

Concepts and Types of Scrap Baling Press Machine

With the increasing trend of the scrap generation procedure, it has become a necessity to implement a refined technology to perform the entire method efficiently. Understanding the utility of the scrap manufactures that affords a huge volume of resources to the industry. Understanding the fact, it design the amazing Scrap Baler machine that enables the industries to obtain the scrap resources. All sorts of junk, be it plastic, metal, paper etc can be suitable performed with the machine gaining an output of minimum sized bundles.

Advance Hydrautech


In addition, there turns out also a reduction in transportation cost that forms another vital favorable aspect of the scrap balers. It occupies minimum space in the factory that enables the industries to maintain the system without any operational difficulty.  The heavy-duty machines even accompany a high durability providing a long-term service. Such outstanding Balers allow utilization of the furnace area reduces losses and prevents fire hazards.



1.       Single Action Baler

Advance Hydrautech

Itdesigns the amazing Single Action Baler that accompanies a refined technology with a suitable packed together opportunity. It emerges as one of the vital benefits of the system due to which it occupies an admirable outlook in the industries worldwide.


Significant Features

  • It involves an easy operating system with a single manually operated direction valve.
  • Two safety valves, the limit valve and the check valve play a vital role protecting the system from any accidental circumstances.
  • It achieves a single compressed entity that is fastened over the strait.
  • Ensures a tremendous functionality after the machine is established in the industrial unit.

      Outfitted Features

  • We input a beneficial feature that allows the operator to maintain the performance according to the particular requirement.
  • It offers a long-term highly efficiency with the plates that are highly resistant to certain unruly bustles.


2.      Double Action Baler

Advance Hydrautech

A Double action baler integrates a dual functionality one is operating top wise and the other lengthwise. It incorporates a small compact look that is compatible for the small-scale industries accommodating a weight of 5-8tons. Hence, a suitable amount of scrap processing comes out at each shift that provides ample inventories for the industries using the above-mentioned machine. Furthermore, it follows a refined design consisting of two cylinders, the lid cylinder and the rear-pressing cylinder. The Direction control valve operates the two cylinders that again involve a manual intervention.


Significant Features

  • The two direction valves enable an easy operational procedure with suitable manual control.
  • It integrates the necessary features that are the limit valve and check valve to prevent any accidental situation.
  • Various Ferrous and non-ferrous pieces and other materials attain an easy scrap bailing procedure with the double action baler.
  • It attains a single compressed entity that is affixed over the strait.
  • The plates that the system integrates accompany a robust feature that is strongly resistance to adverse conditions. Even it is easily expendable thus affording a stringent durability with tremendous functionality.
  • Double action Baler certifies a flawless after sale performance without any negative issues.

Outfitted Features

  • The peripheries of the chambers possess the blades that help with an accurate shearing process. A top lid is present in order to shear the material that attains an imperfect size.
  • An efficient heat control system is established that keeps the oil with a cooling temperature.
  • In addition, the entire machine can be equipped with an automated system with a fully a PLC power approach.
  • It customize the efficiency of the machine that is controlled according to the particular requirement.


3.      Triple Action Baler

Advance Hydrautech

Understanding the specific requirement for the large-scale industries that require a high volume of production with greater efficiency. A triple action baler can be one of the most suitable options for them that enable a functionality that allows operating from three sides. Hence, the scrap machine can undergo a press either from the top, or lengthwise and finally from the side. It is equipped with an outstanding EAF feature ensuring high consumption of the scrap.

Triple action balers consist of diverse figure and dimensions that we implement with an intention to serve the entire industrial needs. A weight of 25 tons is lodged per hour thus capable to carry out a huge industrial labor efficiently without any operational trouble.

Khaidem Rajit  is a social media analyst and writes a content for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here



Why Pet bottle baling machines are essential for recycling the waste pet bottles

PET bottles are commonly used in day to day life. Most of us discard the bottles after use. These bottles pile up and cause water pollution by flooding river beds, canals and seas. PET bottles takes thousands of years to decompose hence discarded bottles occupy precious land and keep piling the garbage dumps. It is therefore important to recycle them.

Advance Hydrau-Tech

The pet bottle balers are helpful in recycling of cans and bottles with ease. These balers are capable of handling liquids that may come out when the bottles are crushed. There is a container that captures the liquids and drains them out while the crushed bottles can be recycled. These balers can be horizontal or vertical.

Watch Video for Baling Pet Bottles :

The pet bottle baling machines are necessary for recycling the waste pet bottles. There is a unique coding system that is used for recycling the plastics. The plastics are numbered from 1 to 7, within a triangle which depicts the recycling system to be used. These PET bottles are very useful after recycling, as these can further be moulded to manufacture fillings for sleeping bags, winter coats, life jackets, car bumpers, combs and furniture fittings etc. The plastic can be recycled and fed back into the production system. The PET bottles baling machine helps in reducing the waste disposal cost, and generate revenue from the sale of recycled PET. There is reduction in the labour cost which might be very high if the PET had to be produced from the scratch. Recycling PET bottles reduces waste and helps to clear the storage space. It also reduces environmental impact caused by these bottles.

There are various balers that are used for PET recycling. These balers vary in size and style. Some of the commonly used balers are hydraulic baler and Paper baler.  The paper balers help in recycling the office paper, and specially the PET bottles. These balers are made up of steel and are equipped with a hydraulic ram. This ram is used for compressing the material.  Balers that are used for processing small volume of material are usually simple and they need manual intervention. Large balers are complex and automated.  Different types of balers are available in the market. Some of the most commonly used balers are with high production balers, low profile baler, high density baler, paper baler, cardboard balers, plastic balers etc. The specialty balers are little expensive than the normal balers.  You can determine the compacting ratio by determining weight of one cubic yard of loose materials to be recycled against the baled weight of same material in cubic yard.  It is crucial to recycle PET bottles to reduce environmental impact. Plastic is not bio-degradable and hence it keeps on accumulating over years. Burning plastic to eliminate waste is not an option as it emits toxic gases and increases air pollution. It is important to find an alternative option that can curb the ever-increasing PET bottles waste. Baling and recycling comes across as the most feasible solution to curb waste of PET bottles.

Khaidem Rajit  is a social media analyst and writes a content for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here

Scrap Baler Concept for managing waste materials

Baling equipment is usually used for compaction. These machines reduce large amounts of solid waste to smaller, more manageable units using powered rams. In general, compactors compress refuse/trash into containers for transport. Baling machine is designed to compress material (e.g., cardboard boxes) and produce a bale that is handled as a unit. The basic information that needs to be considered for installing balers includes space availability and in depth knowledge that is associated with the process of baling. Along with the type and size of the baler, the bale sizes and the bale weights are considered for defining the way compaction is applied to the waste materials Bale size is another case to be considered for the purpose of determining the dimension of the bale size. When the recycling objectives and program become more serious, detailed evaluation associated with weights and bale sizes is required so that they can be transported for maximizing the payloads. The maximization of payloads involves the determination of best way for the maximization of bale tonnage as per each load and it depends on the kind of transportation.

Scrap Baler

Balers are referred to by many types and styles namely high production balers, low profile balers, extra density balers, plastic balers, cardboard balers, balers with conveyors and hoppers, metal balers and many others. The compaction ability might vary, depending on the various factors including configuration of motor size, pump size, cylinder size and so on, which varies with each model. But usually, higher the force, bale density and bale weight, higher the cost of the baler. Metal scrap baler is an effective machine that is available for the purpose of the compaction of the waste materials.

Purpose of the recycling program and level of requirement can be helpful in deciding on the kind of baler used.  Also, it is important to decide on the baler size and type. Automatic compacting receptacle is a kind of compactor that is used in public areas that can be either outdoors or indoors and this can be used in areas where the people deposit their trash. The ACRS compacts depending on the deposited waste. There are other features that are available in the automated compactor that can be made used as the main concept, thereby totally automating the process.

Regular – indoor trash compactors can be made used for compaction in indoor areas rather than public areas. This is a kind of scrap baling press that is made out of stainless steel. The compaction that is associated with this machine starts with the manual pushing of the button. These kinds of compactors are usually placed in the utility rooms inside hospitals and other medical facilities. They are also made used in cafeteria and family restaurants and other private areas.

Therefore baler machine that are purchased with a specific purpose and use are utilized well and almost yield great paybacks. Wastes from commercial establishments are usually a highly neglected area and therefore there are tremendous efficiency benefits derived from baling and compaction of waste.

About the Author :

Khaidem Rajit  is a social media analyst and writes a content for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here

Some Of The Modern Waste Sorting Equipments

These days it has become all the more necessary to separate the different types of materials found in the waste streams so that it becomes possible to recover lots of useful material. This process also minimizes the amount of material which has to be sent to the landfill so that it allows the recyclable materials to find a new incarnation.

Can Sorter Machine

Separation Technologies : There are waste companies which deal with the sorting of materials and they will most certainly make use of one or more of these types of waste Material Handling Equipment:

  • Eddy current separator: This type of waste Material Handling Equipment has been specifically made for the separation of metals. In this equipment an eddy current occurs on the exposure of a conductor to a changing magnetic field. In simple words, it is the electromagnetic way by which the ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be divided.
  • Trommel separators: You can make use of these materials to separate materials based on their particular size. These types of equipments Can Sorter waste material as here the waste is fed into a large rotating drum. This drum has already been perforated with holes of a certain size. If there are materials which are smaller than the diameter of the holes they will drop whereas the bigger particles will remain in the drum.
  • X-ray technology: It is with the help of the X-ray that a distinction can be made between the different types of waste which are all based on their density.
  • Manual sorting: People all over the world are still making use of manual sorting of waste.
  • Induction sorting: Here, the waste material is sent on a conveyor belt which has lots of sensors underneath it. It is these sensors which help to locate those metals which can be separated by a system of fast air jets which have been duly linked to the sensors.
  • Mobile sorting: Under the present recycling culture, sorting is indeed set to increase. It is indeed not possible for all of the companies to transport the waste to their own plants so as to effectively separate them. Often circumstances require that the work needs to be done on site. It is because of these reasons that the mobile sorting machines are becoming a necessity.

Many companies are still paving the way in the sorting of waste by making use of the aforementioned technologies. However, they are still constantly developing many more innovative and effective waste Material Handling Equipment. If you wish to sort waste material a wide array of ways are there to get the job done. In the end we can say that effective recycling certainly relies on effective sorting. With a multitude of sorting technologies which are available on the market today, there is a trend to separate as much useful waste as possible so as to deal with it in the most appropriate manner. It is for this reason that different types of waste Material Handling Equipment are needed who Can Sorter these complex waste materials into useful and meaningful products so that they can be further used by mankind.

About The Author :

Khaidem Rajit –  a blogger and content writer for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter as @rajit2010.

Advantage of Recycling Equipment to go Green

Metal recycling is the process of recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metal products to reuse it in manufacture of new products. Aluminium and steel are the two most widely recycled metals. Recycling does not alter the properties of metals and reduces the global energy expenditure and pollution. It has been observed that over the last two decades, recycling of metal products has decreased by almost 20%, which is quite alarming. Small and large scale industries are encouraged to recycle as much metal as they can by using the latest recycling equipments.

Baling Press

Recycling Equipment :

Recycling equipment enables one to conserve the limited resources at hand and create new products out of scrap material. Some of the popular recycling equipments include baling machine, compactors, shredders, conveyors and scrap metal baler.

The use of recycling procedures results in reduction of wastes and sustains the global economy by fuelling the industries. Metal, plastic, paper and glass can be processed in order to convert them into finished products. Use of highly efficient recycling equipment like a metal scrap baler is a necessity to minimise pollution. In modern world, products are made of many materials, making their separation and processing a complex task. For instance, a cell phone can contain over 40 elements, including precious and base metals. This has resulted in low recycling rates which must be boosted. A product centric approach is being used instead of material centric approach by several industries globally to improve recycling efficiency. Targeting specific components of products at their end of life and processing them can boost recycling processes remarkably.

After separation of scrap metal and non metals, a baler machine is used to compact the scrap. A metal scrap baler can be used to form solid blocks of waste metals like steel for easy transportation and handling. Depending on the baling machine owned, the recyclable blocks vary in weight and size. Out of the many variants available in market, vertical balers are typically used in recycling industries.

What all can be recycled:

Almost all iron, steel and aluminium products can be recycled. This also includes products made of ferrous alloys like cast iron and stainless steel. Some recyclable products include soda and tin cans, auto parts, old car bodies, appliances, doors and windows, cast iron pipes, machinery, rails, tram tracks and water tanks and heaters

Save the environment with recycling processes:          

The huge array of applications of ferrous and non-ferrous metals has forced mankind to adopt techniques for its long term sustained supply. Recycling equipment like baling machine has become essential to all manufacturing industries for reusing the raw materials. Use of recycling processes enables industries to recover metals like steel and aluminium from scrap. Extraction of aluminium and steel is otherwise and expensive and polluting process with release of an astounding amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Thus, by recycling one reduces the burden on our natural resources, eliminates the risk of land and air pollution, and also sustains the economy by saving money. In essence, recycling is beneficial to all parties in many respects. With the development of latest equipments for this purpose, there is no bottleneck that must stop industries from recycling waste.

About the Author :

Khaidem Rajit –  social media analyst and writes about Scrap Processing Machines & Recycling Equipment  for Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt. Ltd.  The company is well-known for maunfacturing all types of  Scrap Processing Machines such as Baling Machines, Metal Shredders, Shearing Machines, Paper Baler , Briquetting Machines, Fodder Block Making Machines etc. He can be found on Twitter here

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